Work With Me

Hi! I’m Taylor, the writer, photographer, and recipe developer for Muddled & Minced! I’ve have loved food since I was a little girl cooking buttermilk biscuits in the kitchen with my grandfather. My recipes are anywhere from light and healthy to rich and indulgent. I’m also a freelance food photographer and stylist in the Memphis area working with restaurants, brands, and other bloggers.

You can head straight to my client inquiry form, if you’re interested in working together!

Here are a few examples of how we can work together!

Restaurant Photography & Branding: I work to curate a stock of photos for use on your websites, menus, marketing materials and social channels. I channel your brands vision into beautiful photos that attract customers!

Food Styling & Photography: I started Muddled & Minced as a place to share my love for food through bright and fun photographs! I’m available to hire for photography, photo styling, and photo editing projects. I’m also happy to travel to you!

Recipe Development: Creating new and fun recipes is one of my strong suits. I am coming up with recipes all the time! It’s great news for you if you’re looking to partner with someone who is the full package to develop, test, edit, photograph, or consult on recipes. Most of my work consists of doing recipe development and photography packages for brands!

Sponsored Posts: Sponsored posts are an effective and natural way to connect my readers with your brand or product through Instagram. Sponsored posts can be a single simple post, or a whole series complete with some Instagram story features, IGTV, or IG lives as well!

Brand Ambassadorship: As a home cook, I use all kinds of fun and diverse products on any given day. Ingredients, equipment, kitchen tools, linens, even comfortable clothing, you name it. I am always open to considering Brand Ambassadorships opportunities which I showcase through my website, socials or advertising space on the blog.

Product Reviews: Product reviews can be off-putting to some, but I am willing to do reviews if it’s a topic relevant to cooking or health. As long as you aren’t afraid of a real review and an honest opinion, I can definitely review for you!

If you are interested in working together, I’d love to chat! Please fill out my client inquiry form to get started or if you have more questions you can fill out my contact form below!