Our Story

This is me and my little family. My husband, Brennan, and I have been married since October 2019. We got our precious fur baby, Brew, in December 2019. We live in Memphis, TN & love the little life we have started! Food has always been our passion. So I have decided to share that passion with you! 

Four years ago, when I met my husband, I discovered that my love of cooking and food was growing. I loved eating out and trying new restaurants. I loved cocktails and mixology. I loved finding new recipes to cook. I loved eating! Don’t we all! But soon… it caught up with us. We both gained weight and felt awful. I HAD to find BALANCE! My goal was to still eat delicious food, but find healthy ways to cook it and to eat the right amounts! I quickly hit the.. cookbooks… and learned SO much information! My husband and I now eat 80% healthy, 20% for pleasure. It’s a great balance & I am so excited to share all the information I have learned with you!

In my blog you will find recipes for healthy food, recipes for unhealthy cheat meals, and recipes for drinks and cocktails! Anything I share with you I have made and tested! I hope you enjoy everything you try, and always let me know what you think!


Taylor Toldi