Easy Shish Kebab

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My mother & father-in-law make amazing shish kebab, BUT in a GRILL BASKET! Yeah, you read that right! NO need to fool with kebabing each individual piece onto a skewer… I mean you still can if you want to, but the grill basket makes it so much easier. When my father-in law first grilled this for me a couple years ago, I was so skeptical that it would taste the same, BUT it tastes even better, because it all sits and grills together! I hope you love it as much as we do! It is a weekly staple in our household & we keep the ingredients on hand for emergencies!

Equipment for this recipe:

  • Grill Basket or Shish Kebab Skewers
  • Grill
  • Large Bowl
  • Cutting Board

Ingredients for this recipe:

  • Chicken Breasts
  • Bacon
  • White Onion
  • Pineapple
  • Bell Pepper
  • Potatoes
  • Season Salt (I use Lawry’s)
  • Pepper
  • Rice (if you want)
  • Dipping Sauces of choice (We love the Lawry’s marinating sauces (the Baja Chipotle or Hawaiian are amazing- We also love YUM YUM sauce on it as well)


Chicken Breasts is the easiest and cheapest option but you could always switch this out for steak or pork as well. Steak and pork will take less time to cook though, so keep those things in mind.

Mushrooms can also be added to this recipe if you like, my husband and I leave them out, just because mushrooms go bad quickly and this is usually a backup meal for us of things I have on hand.

You can also use fresh pineapple and fresh potatoes if you like, just make sure that you boil the potatoes slightly first so that they cook thoroughly!

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